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Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. (SFCA AG) was established in 2008 in Zurich / Switzerland. The main fields of activity of the company are Finance and Metal commodity trading. With its many connections in Europe, SFCA AG provides consultancy to corporate structures operating in the public and private sectors in finding the most appropriate financing opportunity. In the field of metal commodity trade, it is to ensure the realization of the right, advantageous and reliable trade for all the right parties by intermediating among the buyers and sellers operating in various parts of the world. The company implements the consultancy process within the predetermined rules, by following the determined steps. 

Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. It determines the credit ratings of companies to be valid at international level, thanks to its expert staff. While carrying out this process, companies value their real estate in a way that will be accepted at the international level. The prepared report is prepared in line with the requests of the financial institution from which funds are requested. These studies are arranged with the correct evaluation of real economic data. In this respect, SFCA AG demands full financial transparency from its clients in order to carry out the process in a healthy way. The information shared by the customer with us is guaranteed by the confidentiality agreement between the parties.

SFCA AG provides the most reasonable and rapid financing to reputable companies and public/private legal entities that aim to grow or have financial difficulties, and to public / private legal entities, considering the current market conditions.

Studies in metal commodity trade offer processed or scrap commodities from all over the world, especially in Europe and the Middle East, with appropriate features, high quality and at the most reasonable prices. At the same time, it brings together suppliers from many parts of the world with manufacturers where they can give their products under suitable conditions and make the right trade. The demand of the producers and the supply conditions of the supplier are the main factors that determine the balance in this trade.

Although SCFA supplies many kinds of metal commodities in line with the demands of its customers, it has intensified its studies especially on Cathode, Millbery Scrap Copper, Wire Scrap, Rail Scrap, Aluminum products.

SFCA AG ensures the realization of long-term correct trade by creating reliable conditions for all parties in international metal trade.

In addition to these main fields of activity, SFCA AG also operates in the international import-export and construction sector.