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Financial Advisory FAQ

Question: Is SFCA AG an institution that carries out “Intermediary Activity” subject to relevant laws?

Answer: The SFCA AG is not an agency that conducts “Intermediary Activity”. The services it provides are not included in the defined works within the scope of this law. SFCA AG provides “Consultancy” services to its customers who are in the debt process. 

Question: Subject to SFCA AG relevant laws; Is it a "Bank, Financial Institution or Fund Institution"?

Answer: SFCA AG is not a Bank, Financial Institution or Fund institution. It does not collect funds from anyone, does not lend money to anyone. SFCA AG helps the companies it advises and funders to come together. It represents the firm to which it provides consultancy within the scope of "Consulting" activity in order to borrow from the funding institution under the most favorable conditions.

Question: How long does the consultancy service provided by SFCA AG cover?

Answer: The consultancy service provided by SFCA AG progresses on a project basis, not on a time basis. The service fee is determined according to the scope and steps of the realized project.

Question: Why do companies that receive consultancy from SFCA AG need foreign funding? Why do they get service from SFCA AG?

Answer: SFCA AG, service companies are organizations located all over the world, doing business, aiming to grow or trying to solve the financial difficulties they are experiencing to a certain extent. They are natural or legal persons. These people want to benefit from foreign funds due to many reasons such as the narrowing of their country's fund resources, their inability to meet their demand, their relatively high cost, and the inability to provide the required fund in the amount of collateral. Ensuring an optimal level of cooperation with these funds they want to benefit from is an activity carried out by consultancy institutions that recognize both sides in this regard. SFCA AG is a "Consulting" firm that conducts these negotiations and manages the process in line with the interests of its clients.

Question: In which countries does SFCA AG work, with which funding agencies?

Answer: The SFCA AG mainly works with fund institutions located in Switzerland. However, it is also in contact with fund institutions operating in other European countries, the Far East or other geographies of the world, which provide the most suitable borrowing conditions in line with the interests of its customers. SFCA AG treats the funding institutions it works with within the scope of the "Confidentiality" principle and there is no explanation in this regard. Fund organizations that are likely to work are shared with the customer after the consultancy process reaches a certain stage.

Metal Commodity Trading FAQ

Question: In which countries does SFCA AG work, with which suppliers?

Answer: SFCA AG is based in Switzerland / Zurich. It carries out all its activities and contracts subject to Swiss laws. SFCA AG ensures safe trade with suppliers all over the world, especially metal manufacturers operating in Europe and the Middle East.

Question: What is the advantage of trading with SFCA AG?

Answer: The most important advantage of trading with SFCA AG is trust. International metal trade has many imaginary buyers and sellers. Before SFCA AG brings the parties together, the contracts guarantee that all parties are real, that the products offered are in the specified features, and that the supply will be uninterrupted within the framework of the terms of the agreement.

Question: Do the products offered by SFCA AG have a price advantage?

Answer: SFCA AG always offers a number below market prices to its clients. The real prices in the market are higher than the SFCA AG prices due to the fact that many intermediaries, authorities and additional liabilities are imposed on the parties. Thanks to its strong commercial connections, SFCA AG does not cause the parties to incur additional costs, as it ensures the safest trade with the least possible intermediaries. In this way, it always offers its customers advantageous prices.

Question: What is the payment method in metal commodities trade organized by SFCA AG?

Answer: SFCA AG generally works with 100% LC, MT700, MT799, MT760, MT705 or SBLC payment models in order to protect all parties and maintain strong commercial relations.


Question: Which country laws are agreements made through SFCA AG?

Answer: All business contacts organized by the SFCA AG are subject to the laws and courts of Switzerland/Zurich, subject to international trade laws.

Question: Is there a product group that SFCA AG specializes in in the international metal commodity trade?

Answer: Yes, there is. SFCA AG specializes in metal commodities trade, especially on Cathode, Copper Scrap Wire, Rail Scrap, Aluminum products.