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Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. It gives accurate information to its clients on every subject. He also asks his clients to give him accurate information. Transparency in business processes ensures that the process is completed in a short time and in the most accurate way. SFCA AG does not act outside of this principle and believes that it is not possible to work well with companies that do not exhibit the same attitude.


Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. It does not provide information on any platform about the companies it works with and does not use references. It does not reveal its customers in any way. It fully complies with the confidentiality rules of commercial life. SFCA AG enforces the confidentiality clause in all its contracts. It never shares the information it has acquired during the consultancy process with third parties (other than the addressee institution). It does not make any comments, statements or share its observations about the companies that are learned to be its customers. It treats the customer as a complete secret and acts according to this motto.


Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. In line with the demands of its companies, it has adopted the principle of providing services under favorable conditions, providing funds or supplying metal commodities. The financial structures, financial assets, securities and real estates of all consultancy firms differ. In the face of all this financial persity, especially in financial consultancy processes, the attitude of fund institutions to those who request funds also differs. SFCA AG enables its clients to borrow under the most favorable conditions by ensuring that structures whose textures fit together establish a business relationship (by managing the consultancy process accordingly). In the metal commodity consultancy process, it aims to establish the most efficient business relations by considering all the advantages in the payment terms and methods of the companies.


Swiss Financial Consultancy & Audit Inc. ensures that its clients, to which it provides consultancy, make contracts with the highest level of advantage. In this way, it helps to increase the service they provide and the profitability of the company. SFCA AG sees itself as a department of their company and represents the interests of its clients at the highest level.